Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wax of the week: FELA vinyl box set

Last night I finally received the FELA box set in the mail. This is a beautiful 6 LP reissue that includes Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense, Expensive Shit, Everything Scatter, Sorrow Tears & Blood, Fear Not For Man, and Beast of No Nations all repressed with one track per side, full color sleeves and quasi original labels. It's quite a powerful selection taken from the heart of the original Black President's work, enough to keep me grinning all last evening and throughout the day today. Of course there's no new music, that's not the point. Knitting Factory has been reissuing Fela's catalog on CD over the past year and change, however this is the first set of vinyl to have resurfaced (aside from the Record Store Day 4 track limited 10" last year) and it's long overdue. For someone who doesn't have the sufficient funds to acquire original pressings (one day... one day) this is a fantastic way to grow the wax collection with a modest cash outlay.

Aside from the 6 LPs, the set includes a nicely complied set of liner notes written by Chris May and an essay by the always enjoyable
?uestlove, who is also credited with compiling this collection.

As an added treat we also have a concert poster from a 1986 Austin show, which became the stuff of legend to me during my short residency in the People's Republic of Austin a decade ago (damn, has it bee that long?).

More great work stuff from Knitting Factory Records. When does Volume 2 drop!?


  1. great to hear from you again.

  2. I've just seen read that Ginger Baker is curating Volume 2 and we can expect to see that this Spring. More info when available.