Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DJ Offbeat guest mix on ODDIOFILE

OdDio has posted a new mix on ODDIOFILE which won't be surfacing anywhere else. Pop over there and check out the OdDio's Audio Odyssey podcast series. It's a lot like going to school. Or church. Or outer space. You're the winner either way!

OdDio has been kind enough to put together a couple nights in Spain for this weekend. Friday it's all about La Boca del Lobo in Madrid with DJs Floro and Bombin. Then on Saturday night we set up shop at Malandar in Sevilla. Bebe, OdDio and I will be providing the sounds for what now serves as the most enjoyable Sevilla v Barcalona afterparty that I can imagine! Have I mentioned how excited I am yet?

With dreams of an excellent paella and world class football in the near future, I give thanks for the blessings I have received and wish them upon you thrice in return!!!

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