Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Is Everything - DJ Offbeat

I'm excited to be able to share another jazz set with you via the Music Is Everything podcast. Many thanks to Chris Galvan for allowing me this outlet to share some of my favorite records, both old and new.

I've always felt that jazz acts as the roots of everything that we feature on the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show and my entire record collection as a whole. It is the teacher and it remains the inspiration. Respect to the original creators and innovators, big ups to those carrying the music forward today, and much love to everybody digging the sounds! Enjoy!!

1. Cultures Of Rhythm - Bodhisatvasvattva Wonderful Sound
2. Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons - Congo Call
3. Juju - Black Experience
4. Nina Simone - African Mailman
5. Fritz Pauer - Terra Samba
6. Segun Bucknor - La La La (Hard Version) (Part 1)
7. Joe Henderson - Forgone Conclusion
8. Eddie Russ - See The Light / Zaius
9. Buari - Advice From Father
10. John Betsch Society - I'm Tryin' To Find A Way
11. Timo Lassy - Deeper Into
12. Peter Apfelbaum - Long Road Motherless Child
13. Build An Ark - Play The Music!

Also, be sure to check out the set from October - Music Is Everything #4

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