Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afro Funky!

DJ Offbeat returns to Afro Funky! to join Zongo Junction, The People's Champs, and Drumadics at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery! I'll be spinning some afro grooves throughout the evening to keep everything (and everyone) moving. See you there!

Get a taste of what I'll have in the record bag - listen.

Afro Funky! facebook invite

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #142 DJ Dublin

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #142 DJ Dublin (AfroSonic)

Welcome to another edition of the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show! This week we welcome back our friend DJ Dublin from the AfroSonic Collective. DJ Dublin always brings some serious afro heat and this week is no exception. Some tunes you may recognize alongside some deep underground bizniz.

Be sure to check out the AfroSonic podcast

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1. Black Mamba feat. Swaylo - Timewalker (Soul Tek's Ancestral Mix)
2. Gabriele Poso - Until Our Work Is Done (Boddhi Satva Rmx)
3. Marlon D feat. Stephanie Renee - Digital Love (Marlon's Deep Mix)
4. Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix)
5. Dj Nastee Nev - Squiza Sah Mina (Abicah Soul Rmx)
6. South African Allstars - Ung Phula Intilziyo
7. Franck Roger - Jeware (Main Mix)
8. Thievery Corporation feat Femi Kuti - Vampires (Louie Vega House Mix)
9. Instant House - Awade (Joe's raw Africa Dub)
10. Djed feat. Anthony Goode - Do You Still Know House (Justin Imperiale Cabana rmx)
11. Dele Sosimi - Wahala Indentity Mix (Main Mix)
12. Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat Jocelyn Mathieu - Those Days Are Gone (Greg Gauthier Dance Culture Mix)
13. Quentin Harris - My Joy (Sean McCabe Dub)
14. Yonurican - Boriken soul (Yonurican Club Mix)
15. Deep88 - Summer Just Can't Wave Goodbye (Seed Mix)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #141 DJ Offbeat

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #141 DJ Offbeat

Greetings! Welcome to another edition of the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show. This week we start off with a Fela tune that has been brought to the surface on the new Nigeria Afrobeat Special compilation on Soundway. A quick reprsise of last week's Strut Special Selection with Trio Mocoto's Nago from Black Rio and then it's back into more Fela bizniz. We get into a bit of boogie and house flavor before closing out with a Bobbi Humphrey classic. Everything seemed to flow fairly well this week. We'll call it the luck of the Irish. Happy St Patrick's Day!!

1. Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Who're You
2. Trio Mocoto - Nago
3. Truby Trio - Alegre
4. Fela Kuti - Fela Shuffa (Beatsy Collins Edit)
5. Fela Kuti - Shimmy Sham Sham
6. Blakai ft BEmbe Segue - Afrospace (Balkai Mix)
7. Stan-ley & Dele Sosimi - Atide (Melyanchor A's Hmide Version)
8. Vick Lavendar - The African Spider - (Vick Lavender Main Mix)
9. John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis - Nightlife (Daz-I-Kue Remix)
10. Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem River Drive

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Strut Records Special Selection - DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan

Strut Records Special Selection w/ DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan

Welcome along as we take a listen to a special selection of records from the Strut label. In recording this show, I realized just how much Strut has influenced my afrobeat ears over the years. The recent set of Inspiration Information collaborations have been as exciting to listen to as they were to imagine...Amp Fiddler in the room with Sly & Robbie...Horace Andy singing over Ashley Beedle tracks...Mulatu creating with the Heliocentrics...Jimi Tenor working it out with Tony notch! Strut have also released some great re-edit 12"s, groovy disco projects, and a couple absolutely banging Black Rio comps. We could do a lovely Brasil Selection just pulling from these two albums.

But my money is on the blistering Afro Strut sounds this for set. Starting off with an undeniable mantra from Segun Bucknor, blasting off with a Tony Allen classic, and a quick peak at an excellent new album recently released by the Souljazz Orchestra. Then it's a taste of Club Africa, Nigeria 70, and Afro Rock Vol. 1, including the web exclusive Odi-Yoo by the Latapaza Band.

The first time I heard a Lafayette Afro Rock Band album was quite like my first listen to Blue Break Beats compilations; utter amazement at not only the sounds I was hearing, but these albums play like a hip-hop sample source collection. One after another they come!

A few that never seem to leave the bag are Fever by Jingo and this Shina Williams afro disco jam. Absolute personal favorites. Topped off with a tune from Mulatu Steps Ahead, the huge Green Africa, and an Inspiration Information mixup orchestrated by Mr Chris Galvan. Every album and artist featured in this special selection is worthy of more of our time, so dig in and happy listening!

Big respect to everyone making Strut Records such a great part of my life!
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1. Segun Bucknor - Sorrow, Sorrow, Sorrow
2. Souljazz Orchestra - Agbara
3. Tony Allen - No Accommodation For Lagos
4. Bucky Leo & Black Egypt - Precious Mother
5. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Racuba
6. Latapaza Band - Odi-Yoo
7. Shina Williams & His African Percussion - Agboju Logun
8. Jingo - Fever
9. Mulatu - Green Africa
10. Amp Fiddler & Sly & Robbie - Serious
11. Mulatu & the Heliocentrics - Dewel
12. Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Sinuhe
13. Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - When The Rain Falls (Cosmodelic Remix)
14. Amp Fiddler & Sly & Robbie - Blackhouse (Greenmoney Remix)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Of The Same Earth

Only 92 days to the World Cup!

Afro Funky!

Afro Funky! The afro grooves return to Cameo on Thursday evening.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Floor Violence - an IG Culture mini-doc

In late 2008 Shottsman aka IG Culture brought together some legends of the UK jazz dance and boogie scene of the 1980s. This is what happened. Featuring rarely-seen archive footage from London's legendary Electric Ballroom. Another Holy Roller production!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #139 - OdDio Brasil Selection

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #139 OdDio Brasil Selection

OdDio graces the decks with a Brasil Selection this week. He brings a batch of Brazilian Wax classics, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

February is Carnaval time, which means this past month I've had Brazil on my mind. This episode features 20 of my favorite Brazilian records. The mix focuses on the funkier sounds of Brazil: Jazz Fusion, Rare Groove, and Disco-funk. There are plenty of classics--some well known songs by Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Paula Lima, and some lesser-known records you might not have heard before. As always, all vinyl. Aprecie! -- words by OdDio

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1. Marcos Valle – Garra – Odeon
2. Juca Chaves – Take Me Back to Piaui – RGE/Mr. Bongo
3. Di Melo – Kilario – Odeon
4. Raulzinho – Spinning Wheel (Vida Torta) – Whatmusic
5. Tim Maia – É Necessário – Som Livre
6. Tim Maia – Da Lem A Portal – Seroma
7. Sonora Trinidad – Pais Troical – Spiral
8. Nonato & Seu Conjunto – Cafúa – Som
9. Copa 7 – Derepente – Whatmusic
10. Tenorio Jr. e Seu Conjunto – Nebulosa – Fonográfica RGE
11. Cesar Mariano & Cia – Futebol de Bar – Lup Som
12. Jayme Marques – Dark Orchid (Orquidea Negra) - RCA
13. Cesar Mariano & Cia – Metrôpole – Lup Som
14. Banda União Black – Escorpião – Commonfolk
15. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olvetti – Aleluia – Som Livre
16. Mão Branca – Melo do Mão Branca – Sinter / Murge Discos
17. Paula Lima – Quiero Ver Voce No Baile – Mr. Bongo
18. Marcos Valle – Estrelar – Som Livre
19. Azymuth – Dear Limmertz – Milestone
20. Copa 7 – Mulher Absoluta – Whatmusic

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Is Everything - DJ Offbeat

I'm excited to be able to share another jazz set with you via the Music Is Everything podcast. Many thanks to Chris Galvan for allowing me this outlet to share some of my favorite records, both old and new.

I've always felt that jazz acts as the roots of everything that we feature on the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show and my entire record collection as a whole. It is the teacher and it remains the inspiration. Respect to the original creators and innovators, big ups to those carrying the music forward today, and much love to everybody digging the sounds! Enjoy!!

1. Cultures Of Rhythm - Bodhisatvasvattva Wonderful Sound
2. Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons - Congo Call
3. Juju - Black Experience
4. Nina Simone - African Mailman
5. Fritz Pauer - Terra Samba
6. Segun Bucknor - La La La (Hard Version) (Part 1)
7. Joe Henderson - Forgone Conclusion
8. Eddie Russ - See The Light / Zaius
9. Buari - Advice From Father
10. John Betsch Society - I'm Tryin' To Find A Way
11. Timo Lassy - Deeper Into
12. Peter Apfelbaum - Long Road Motherless Child
13. Build An Ark - Play The Music!

Also, be sure to check out the set from October - Music Is Everything #4