Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gerardo Frisina Special

DJ Offbeat, Chris Galvan, and OdDio end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We examined Compost Records, Jazzanova, Schema Records, 4 Hero, and Especial Records in December. We started the year off right with a look at Scandinavian Jazz and Nicola Conte. This week we focus on Gerardo Frisina.

Gerardo Frisina is a vital piece of the Ishtar equation. His deep knowledge of jazz has been key in the creation and success of Ishtar, which houses most notably the Schema and Rearward labels. He began as a producer for artists involved with Ishtar and quickly moved into production of his own records. This began with the release of Ad Lib in 2001 and has since brought us Hi Note and The Latin Kick. Along the way, he has managed to ring up an impressive catalog of remixes of modern jazz tunes, as well as an incredible selection of classic artists including the likes of Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, and more.

Gerardo continues to DJ worldwide, always moving forward with his fusion of modern sounds, brazilian, and latin jazz. You can dig deeper at and

1. Sun Ra - Stardust From Tomorrow (Tomorrow Remix)
2. Gerardo Frisina - Bite The Nite
3. Jorge Graf - Dis-Ka-Ndombe (Gerardo Frisina Rework)
4. Gerardo Frisina ft Candela All Stars - Calle de Candela
5. Gerardo Frisina - Hush
6. Gerardo Frisina - Congart
7. Gerardo Frisina - Cubana
8. Alex Krygier - Zorzal (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
9. Gerardo Frisina - Gosto de Que e Bom
10. Rosalia de Souza - Bossa 31 (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
11. Gerardo Frisina - Zanja
12. Hipnosis - Black Forrest Stomp (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
13. Combo Moderna - Ghetto Stomp (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
14. Gerardo Frisina ft Mitoka Samba - Batucadas
15. Gerardo Frisina - Cortante
16. Gerardo Frisina - Inviolatin
17. Beat Out Shrine - The Chant
18. Gerardo Frisina - Donke De
19. Gerardo Frisina - Hellen Samba
20. S-Tone Inc - Hanging The Moon (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
21. Gerardo Frisina - Gica's Dance
22. Frank Hernandez - Baby Chickens (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
23. Gerardo Frisina - Cohete

Stay tuned for the Far Out Records Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse, Music Is Everything, and oddiofile!

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