Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #134 Velanche Stewart guest mix

Cheers friends! Welcome to the return of the one hour SOUL FUNKTION Radio shows. We have had an absolute blast presenting the series of specials over the past couple months. Big thanks to Chris Galvan at Music Is Everything and OdDio at oddiofile for all the mind-blowing music and for all their hard work to be able to get these shows put together and passed along to you each and every week. They have helped turn what might have been a fairly daunting set of self-imposed deadlines into a purely pleasurable experience.
Be sure to go back and listen to any of the specials you may have missed, as well as dropping in on and

This week, we have an exclusive guest mix from Velanche Stewart. The Urban Landscapes show is now is its 13th year of being broadcast weekly out of KCPR 91.3 FM in San Luis Obispo. Over the years, Velanche has become renowned for his consistent, top-notch programming of jazzy and soulful club culture. If you are in the area, be sure to check out the new Afro Underground Wednesday nights at Native Lounge. For the rest of the world, we have the podcast and website to keep us in touch with the man making it all happen. Dig deeper at

Next week is the beginning of February and you already know what that means. Get your Caipirinhas ready for an all new Brasil Selection!

1. Rondenion - Sun Glare - Ruch Hour promo
2. Jacuzzi Biys - Bocadillos (Matthias Mesteno Remix) - Suara promo
3. Omar S - Day - FXHE
4. DHS - House of God (20 Years DHS Remix) - Poker Flat
5. Rainer Truby - Es Lo Que Pasa - Compost
6. Martin East ft Jared Douglas - Forever More (Martin's Deepah Dub ) - Kapa
7. Easy Street - Dancin' (DJ Sneak Reheat) - HAWT
8. Franck Roger - Backstabber - FR Productions promo
9. Tarek & Ramirez ft Cristina Soto - Say Goodbye (Marc Cotterell Remix) - Grooveland
10. Tevo Howard - Move - Our House is Your House promo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gerardo Frisina Special

DJ Offbeat, Chris Galvan, and OdDio end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We examined Compost Records, Jazzanova, Schema Records, 4 Hero, and Especial Records in December. We started the year off right with a look at Scandinavian Jazz and Nicola Conte. This week we focus on Gerardo Frisina.

Gerardo Frisina is a vital piece of the Ishtar equation. His deep knowledge of jazz has been key in the creation and success of Ishtar, which houses most notably the Schema and Rearward labels. He began as a producer for artists involved with Ishtar and quickly moved into production of his own records. This began with the release of Ad Lib in 2001 and has since brought us Hi Note and The Latin Kick. Along the way, he has managed to ring up an impressive catalog of remixes of modern jazz tunes, as well as an incredible selection of classic artists including the likes of Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, and more.

Gerardo continues to DJ worldwide, always moving forward with his fusion of modern sounds, brazilian, and latin jazz. You can dig deeper at and

1. Sun Ra - Stardust From Tomorrow (Tomorrow Remix)
2. Gerardo Frisina - Bite The Nite
3. Jorge Graf - Dis-Ka-Ndombe (Gerardo Frisina Rework)
4. Gerardo Frisina ft Candela All Stars - Calle de Candela
5. Gerardo Frisina - Hush
6. Gerardo Frisina - Congart
7. Gerardo Frisina - Cubana
8. Alex Krygier - Zorzal (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
9. Gerardo Frisina - Gosto de Que e Bom
10. Rosalia de Souza - Bossa 31 (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
11. Gerardo Frisina - Zanja
12. Hipnosis - Black Forrest Stomp (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
13. Combo Moderna - Ghetto Stomp (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
14. Gerardo Frisina ft Mitoka Samba - Batucadas
15. Gerardo Frisina - Cortante
16. Gerardo Frisina - Inviolatin
17. Beat Out Shrine - The Chant
18. Gerardo Frisina - Donke De
19. Gerardo Frisina - Hellen Samba
20. S-Tone Inc - Hanging The Moon (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
21. Gerardo Frisina - Gica's Dance
22. Frank Hernandez - Baby Chickens (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
23. Gerardo Frisina - Cohete

Stay tuned for the Far Out Records Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse, Music Is Everything, and oddiofile!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nicola Conte Special

DJ Offbeat, Chris Galvan, and OdDio end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We examined Compost Records, Jazzanova, Schema Records, 4 Hero, and Especial Records in December. We started the year off right with a look at Scandinavian Jazz. This week we turn our attention to Italian jazz maestro Nicola Conte.

The swinging jazz sounds of Nicola Conte first entered my world in the form of the Schema Records album 'Jet Sounds'. A modern take on bossa, the groove based tunes flowed one after another until the final notes of 'Trappola Mortale' faded into silence. I ached for more and immediately began the journey again. The audience widened a bit in America with the Eighteenth Street Lounge re-release, renamed 'Bossa Per Due' and a full remix album aptly titled 'Jet Sounds Revisited'.

The remixes flowed, as did my love of these dancefloor jazz sounds. Taking a more pure jazz tone, Nicola Conte and his band recorded 'Other Directions' in 2004 for Blue Note. Conte returned to his home at Schema Records with 2008's 'Rituals'. Late in 2009, Schema released a double album of collected remixes from over the years under the name 'The Modern Sound of Nicola Conte: Versions In Jazz Dub' and the journey continues.

I was fortunate enough to catch a DJ set at Sonotheque in Chicago in late 2003, where I enjoyed the fine selections of Mr Conte, as well as an excellent conversation and more than a few drinks with the man himself. Chris and his lovely wife came for a visit late last year and we all took in the live band, featuring Nicola on guitar and the one Jose James on vocals. Needless to say, they brought the house down.

Fond memories all around! We hope you enjoy a small sampling of the ever growing body of work Nicola Conte has blessed us with thus far and look forward to what the future may bring. Also, be sure to check out the Schema Records Special if you missed it.

Much love, respect, and thanks to Nicola Conte and the good people at Schema Records, as well as all of the talented labels and artists featured in this show.

1. Fertile Ground - Yellow Daisies (Nicola Conte Rework)
2. Marco Di Marco - Take Off (Nicola Conte Version)
3. Mark Murphy - Stolen Moments (Midnight Mood Rework)
4. Sabrina Malheiros - Terra Da Ninguem (Nicola Conte Rework)
5. Nicola Conte meets Aldemaro Romero - Teme De La Onda
6. Pilot Jazou - Your Crime (Nicola Conte Jazz Mix)
7. Nicola Conte - New Blues
8. Nicola Conte - Kind of Sunshine
9. Nicola Conte - Paper Clouds
10. Truby Trio ft Joseph Malik - High jazz (Nicola Conte rework)
11. Nicola Conte - Missione A Bombay (Eddy and Dus remix)
12. Nicola Conte - New Standards
13. Nicola Conte ft Jose James - Nubian Queens
14. Nicola Conte - Nefertiti

Stayed tuned for the Gerardo Frisina Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse, Music Is Everything, and oddiofile!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yeah, Right On!

There's something about this time of year that I always find myself going back to my roots, digging through my records and, without fail, listening to more jazz. It's been a blast to feature some of my favorite records on the Especial Records Special and the Scandinavian Jazz Special the past two weeks, alongside Chris Galvan and OdDio. I've also really been enjoying a few new albums. Among those, a few have stood out and found themselves in regular rotation around the house.

I've been a big fan of Phil Ranelin since I became aware of him when the Vibes From The Tribe album was re-issued in 2001. So I am really grateful to not only have his classic albums see re-issue, but also see Phil creating anew. The Tribe records crew's new album, Tribe Revisited, that Carl Craig instigated is excellent and could easily sit alongside the original material released on Tribe Records back in the day. I also have a sweet spot in my heart as these guys made it happen in Detroit.

Phil Ranelin and Pharoah Sanders are among the stellar artists comprising the Build An Ark collective, headed up by Carlos Nino and growing out of Los Angeles. Their new album, Love Part 1, has some moments that are stop you dead in your tracks, overwhelming emotionally, even many listens in. Absolutely stunning. Music at it's best.

I've also really been enjoying the companion double album to Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker's Freedom Rhythm & Sound book. Twenty three show stoppers from the 60s and 70s that focus on the independent spirit of the underground and a scene that grew side by side with the civil rights movement. Powerful conscience sounds to keep you moving in the right direction.

I've also pulled out a mixtape that I made on my first day after moving to Brooklyn a couple years ago. It's nothing to speak of from a DJ perspective, but it fits nicely with what I've been feeling and jamming out lately, including some vintage Phil Ranelin, a Joe McPhee burner, and probably my favorite cut from the unbelievable Dave Pike. Maybe this can help generate some heat during what looks to be a cold winter ahead. I hope you enjoy!

1. Milt Jackson - People Make The World Go Round - CTI
2. Eddie Henderson - Inside You - Blue Note
3. Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe - Time Is Now
4. Earth, Wind & Fire - Bad Tune - Warner
5. Joe McPhee - Shakey Jake - CjRecord Productions
6. The New Process - Freedom - Tramp
7. Charles Brackermeen Quartet - Attainment - Silkheart
8. Dave Pike - Swan Lake - Muse

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scandinavian Jazz Special

DJ Offbeat, Chris Galvan, and OdDio end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We examined Compost Records, Jazzanova, Schema Records, 4 Hero, and Especial Records in December. We start the year off right with a jazzy dancefloor affair focusing on modern Scandinavian Jazz.

The Scandinavian countries have a long and strong jazz tradition, but like most of the music you'll hear on this site I came to know of it late, and by way of house music. I think the first points of contact, for me, were the Nuspirit Helsinki releases that came out on Guidance in the late 90s and early 00s. At that time I wasn't at all clear on what Nu-jazz was, or Broken Beat, or Jazzdance--but I liked what I was hearing, and felt increasingly drawn to less formulaic dance music. There seemed to be an interesting cross-polination happening between Italy, Japan, Germany, and Finland--and the Nuspirit name showed up elsewhere, cropping up on labels like JCR, remixing artists like Nicola Conte, and making all around wonderful music.

The early to mid 00s were an interesting time for dance music, with many producers putting aside their old aesthetics and trying for more organic sounds through live instrumentation. Nuspirit Helsinki shuffled their lineup and started releasing records under the name the Five Corners Quintet. This was not sample-based nujazz, but live jazz with true jazz sensibility and musicianship. In 2003 they released their landmark first 10" Trading Eights on the newly-formed Ricky-Tick Records--but they were not alone. Other groups from surrounding countries, such as Koop (Sweden) and Povo (Denmark), were involved in a similar project to revamp sixties style jazz for the dancefloor. With one foot firmly planted in the bop, cool jazz, and spiritual jazz tradition and the other taking a big step into the future, this music brought steady acclaim through the rest of the decade--from DJs, music critics, and open-minded dancefloors alike.

Given the impact of the work of the Ricky-Tick artists Timo Lassy, Five Corners Quintet, Dalindeo, Jukka Eskola we were eager to make them the subject of one of our decade-ending retrospectives, but as they represent just a part of the jazz movement happening up north, we were happy to welcome artists on DNM (Oddjob, Soular Sound), Raw Fusion (A Bossa Eletrica, Povo), and JCR (Koop) into our geographically-defined "Scandinavian Jazz Special."

Much love, respect, and thanks are due to the people at Ricky-Tick and the other labels and artists featured in this show.
~words by OdDio

Dig deeper at


1. Fertile Ground - Another Day (Povo Jazz Rework)
2. Povo - We Are Povo
3. Five Corners Quintent feat. Mark Murphy - Jamming (with Mr. Hoagland) (Nicola Conte "For Friends and Relatives" Version)
4. Soular Sound - Things We Do (Nils Krough Alternative Take)
5. Hi-Fly Orchestra - Violet (Povo Rework)
6. Jukka Eskola - Kulo (Studio Live, Take 4)
7. Dalindeo - Solifer-Lento
8. Nostalgia 77 - Wildflower (Povo Remix)
9. Shaun Escoffery - Breaking Away (Koop Remix)
10. Jukka Eskola - 1974
11. Dalindeo - Poseidon
12. Five Corners Quintet - Blueprint
13. High Five Quintet - Conversation (Nicola Conte New Jazz Club Mix)
14. Timo Lassy - African Rumble
15. Auteur Jazz - Two Jaguars In Warsaw
16. Koop-Never Gonna Let You Go
17. Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Black January
19. A Bossa Eletrica - Consolocao
20. Timo Lassy ft Jose James - The More I Look At You
21. Bobby Hughes Combination - Magnificent Mr. Morgan
22. Povo - Bennie's Groove
23. Five Corners Quintet - Rich In Time
24. Timo Lassy - Early Move
25. Oddjob - Bloodstream
26. Jukka Eskola - Chip 'n' Charge

Stayed tuned for the Nicola Conte Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse, Music Is Everything, and oddiofile!

Saturday, January 2, 2010