Thursday, October 1, 2009

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #117 DJ Offbeat & OdDio

Cheers, I hope you are well!
OdDio brings another classic mix to the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show this week. A little less eclectic than you may be used to by now from OdDio, but no less exciting. A touch more focused while still managing to cover a good bit of ground in just over an hour's time. Quality bizniz!
OdDio is living in Spain now but I got the chance to have a few drinks with him on his recent trip to NYC. I enjoyed our conversation throughout that evening and he got me thinking about all the music I have loved over the years but might not play as much on the radio show, or even out in the clubs for that matter. In that spirit, I have quickly dug up a few personal favorites that used to be end of the night go-to records for me about 8-10 years ago, back when I was playing almost all downtempo dubby grooves. I hope you enjoy! And apologies for the pops and skips, it's all vinyl this week and impulsive in the truest sense. I didn't get to clean my records before this set happened. Thanks for your understanding.

I think a Brazil Selection is long overdue...maybe next week

1. Groove Corporation ft Bobby Blue - Liberation Dub
2. Scheibosan & emU - Bassdrive
3. International Observer - London
4. Thompson All Stars - Rock Me Dub
5. Nick Holder - Moments In Dub
6. Scientist - Step It Up (Black Star Liner Remix - Extended Version)
7. Stereotype & Soothsayer - Dub Club Track
8. Belgradeyard Soundsystem - Munchies (I-Wolf ft DJ Collage Remix)
9. Overproof Soundsystem - Watch What You Put Inna...
OdDio - We Love Freshblood

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