Tuesday, September 15, 2009

J. Period & K'NAAN present The Messengers part 3 - Bob Dylan

J. Period and K'NAAN complete the triumvirate with a nod to Bob Dylan. It was the most intriguing of the three messengers that the pair chose to examine, being the furthest from their home base musically speaking. But idealogically, Dylan fits alongside Fela Kuti and Bob Marley perfectly and the mixtape knocks it out of the park. Touching on some key highlights in Dyaln's songbook without playing to the obvious, The Messengers mix tasteful hip hop beats behind energetic original bits and pair it beautifully with some spot on Dylan meditations from K'NAAN, who actually affects a folksy draw at points that may be indistinguishable from Bob's mumbly brilliance to the uninitiated.

You can feel the affection for all three artists shine through on each episode of The Messengers and all are handled with grace and intelligence. Quality work all around!

Don' think twice, it's alright. Download here

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