Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quantic live in NYC

Quantic and his Combo Barbaro invade Governor's Island along with Nockodemus, Mariano, Paolo, Frankie Francis, DJ Busquelo, and Beto for Turntables On The Hudson's Sunday Getaway. Quantic live is appealing enough any day of the week, but with his latest project, he takes traditional Columbian music and blends in generous doses of modern sounds, all with the subtle and tasteful expertise we've come to know from Will Holland. Tradition in Transition is an excellent meditation on the deep traditions of proud ethnic cultures and their place in a modern world. Excellent work, and the 8 piece live band flying in direct from Columbia will be an awesome, authentic presentation of the album.

As an added bonus, TOTH have brought on Beto to spin some tunes. Beto has just released the second installment of the Panama! compilation on Soundway Records. Funky, soulful, afro bizniz from late 1960s to mid 1970's Panama.

Check out a special Panama mix from Beto here

Buy tix here

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