Tuesday, July 28, 2009

King Britt gets Sun Ra-lectric

Saturn Never Sleeps is a carefully curated electronic experience, created by music producer King Britt and singer/visualist Rucyl Mills. Combining audio-visual micro-components into a thought altering world of sight and sound, live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions come together in creating a sonic bubblebath for listening pleasure. Visuals add a dimension to transport the audience into a different place.

For this special mission, King Britt (electronics), Rucyl Mills (vocals and sampling), Tim Motzer (guitatronics), Damon Bennet (keyboards and flute), Jason Senk (visuals), and some very special guests are dedicating the night to reconstructing, in an improvisational way, the sounds of jazz legend and fellow dreamer, Sun-Ra.

Together they will be reducing Sun Ra sounds into a new context, while combining with works by artists influenced by him as well, into a night of vision!


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