Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Especial Records Special

DJ Offbeat and Chris Galvan end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We've examined Compost Records, Jazzanova, Schema Records, and 4 Hero so far. This week we ring in the new year with Especial Records from Japan.

1. Sleepwalker - River Of Love ft Bembe Segue
2. Sleepwalker - Into The Sun (Intro Edit Version) ft Bembe Segue
3. Markus Enochson - You'll Shine (Full Shine Mix) ft Demetreus
4. Masa Collective - Love Is Everywhere (KJM Reconstruction)
5. Hajime Yoshizawa - Verao No Ar
6. Hajime Yoshizawa - Open Door
7. Jazztronik - Cannibal Rock
8. Da Lata - Change
9. Hajime Yoshizawa - Secret Flight (West Tokyo Mix)
10. Reel People - Love is Where You Are (Orto Mix)
11. Bakura - Mistaken
12. Opolopo - Life's a Dance
13. Monday Michiru - A Calamaria
14. Markus Enochson - Listen For It
15. Dr. J Presents 1Luv - Above You (Dixon's 2005 Edit)
16. Hajime Yoshizawa - Endless Bow (Jimpster Remix)
17. Root Soul - Spirit of Love (Boogie Mix)
18. Jazztronik - Madrugada (Roots Mix)
19. Bakura - Empty Faces (LP Mix)
20. Jazztronik - Rita

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

4 Hero Special

DJ Offbeat and Chris Galvan end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We've taken a look at Compost Records, Jazzanova, and Schema Records so far. This week we focus on Dollis Hill's 4 Hero.

Marc Mac and Dego started making waves in 1989 and haven't stopped since. Beginning in the Drum & Bass world, the pair created the Reinforced label and quickly became a major force in the underground. With tracks like Mr Kirk (Mr Kirk's Nightmare) in 1990, they pulled more attention than anyone previous to the Drum & Bass scene. Keep in mind that this was a full 4 years before we would see Goldie's 'Inner City Life' and a couple more years before the likes of Roni Size and Grooverider would break the 'new jazz' sound into the mainstream's conscious.

By this time, 4 Hero had already released 'Parallel Universe' and were preparing to unleash the album 'Two Pages' on Talkin' Loud Records. This double album would combine the organic, jazz-improvised, live sound with a dark, electronic side to present a fully realized journey through two competing, yet complimentary, perspectives. Not only did this album find 4 Hero at their most orchestrated and soulful pinnacle to date, it also earned the duo a Mercury Prize nomination and a whole new audience. Many would argue that 'Two Pages' layed the groundwork for the entire Brokenbeat scene that would soon take West London by frenzy, much as Drum & Bass had just a few years prior.

2001's 'Creating Patterns' expanded on the lush, complex arrangements, including a massive recreation of Minnie Ripperton's 'Les Fleur'. 4 Hero created a new label, Raw Canvas, to release 'Play With The Changes' in 2006. This allowed them the opportunity to control the way in which the album was produced and presented from start to finish. Collaborations with the legendary Larry Mizell (Mizell Brothers) seemed effortless and a take on Stevie Wonder's 'Superwoman' showed their innate ability to be true to a classic while still pushing forward.

Perhaps this is the precise quality that speaks to so many through 4 Hero's music. Whether it be through drum & bass, nujazz, brokenbeat, techno, hip hop, and beyond, 4 Hero has pioneered an amazingly diverse selection of sounds and birthed multiple genres in the process. An adoration of the soul, funk, and jazz classics pushed to new heights through dizzying creativity and an unwavering ability to constantly remain at the forefront of both the modern dancefloor and headphone soul.

1. John Coltrane - Naima (4 Hero Version)
2. 4 Hero - Golden Age Of Life
3. Nuyorican Soul - I Am the Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix edit)
4. 4 Hero - Something In The Way ft Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham
5. 4 Hero - Look Inside ft Face
6. 4 Hero - Third Stream
7. 4 Hero - Morning Child
8. 4 Hero - Won't You Open Up Your Senses
9. 4 Hero - 9X9
10. Ralfi Pagan - Didn't Want To Have To Do It (4 Hero Remix)
11. 4 Hero & Patricia Marx - Submerso
12. Azymuth - Vera Cruz (4 Hero Remix)
13. Grupo Batuque - E Ruim (4 Hero Remix)
14. Allen Hoist - Inner City Blues (4 Hero Remix)
15. Reel People - Outta Love (4 Hero Remix)
16. 4 Hero presents Nature's Plan - Broken Samba
17. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (4 Hero Mix)
18. 4 Hero - 2000 Black ft Roy Ayers
19. 4 Hero - Starchasers (Masters At Work Main Mix)
20. 4 Hero - Escape That
21. 4 Hero - Spirits In Transit
22. 4 Hero - Les Fleur

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Schema Records Special

DJ Offbeat, Chris Galvan, and OdDio end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

We've taken a look at Compost Records and Jazzanova so far. This week we turn our attention to Schema Records. A partnership between Luciano Cantone and Davide Rosa first spawned Edizioni Ishtar in the early 90s and was quickly followed by Family Affair Distribution. Today Family Affair distributes labels like Compost, Soul Jazz and F-Communications in Italy, while it also distributes Ishtar Productions worldwide.

Schema was birthed when Nicola Conte and Gerardo Frisina were brought on board and what followed has been an amazing string of beautiful jazz-based records from the heart of Italy to dancefloors worldwide. While we will focus specifically on the work of Nicola Conte and Gerardo Frisina in their own specials over the coming weeks, their presence can be felt in virtually every Schema release. Undeniably groovy, Schema presents top quality jazz for the mind, body, and soul.

Respect to the entire Schema family that continues to release amazing records by world class artists and to all of you for supporting the future sounds! Dig deeper at

Schema Special - DJ Offbeat Chris Galvan OdDio

1. S-Tone Inc - How High The Moon
2. Rosalia de Souza - Fica Mal Com Deus (Truby Trio Treatment)
3. Nicola Conte - The in Samba (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
4. The Dining Rooms - Prigionieri Del Deserto (Big Bang's I'm Going Jazz, Soon Remix)
5. The Invisible Session - To The Powerful (2 Banks of 4 Remix)
6. Beat Out Shrine - Pinkie
7. S-Tone Inc - Un Dia De Sol
8. Vuca - Cossa Notturna
9. Dr Abstract -Struck On Jazz
10. Artless - 2nd Room
11. The Dining Rooms - Milano Calibro 9 (Woman Is The Party Mix)
12. Parov Stelar - Tony Montana
13. Gerardo Frisina - Cortante
14. Gerardo Frisina ft. Candela All Stars - Calle de Candela (Vibes Version)
15. DruMagick - Malta
16. Rosalia de Souza - Maria Moita
17. The Dining Rooms - La Citta Nuda (SoulPatrol Afrolicious Mix)
18. Rosalia De Souza - Jogo De Roda (Innervision Mix by The Invisible Session)
19. Dining Rooms - Astro Black (Phunk Mix)
20. Vuca - Bossafrica
21. Dining Rooms - Gone (Fragment Orchestra Remix)
22. Paolo Fedroghini - Please Don't Leave (Midnight Mood Session)
23. Paolo Fedroghini & Marco Bianchi - Urban Savage
24. Paolo Fedroghini & Marco Bianchi ft Claudia Bernath - Spread Your Love
25. The Invisible Session - I'll Be Your Wings (The M D Mix by Mitchell & Dewbury)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Freedom, Rhythm and Sound

I am absolutely loving the new book by Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker. Freedom, Rhythm and Sound explores a period of revolutionary jazz (1965-1983) through the cover art of independent labels, which were at a creative peak during this time. Stressing the DIY way of life forged by these artists, extremely limited pressings and self made sleeves highlight the same spirit of freedom and independence expressed through the music contained on the records themselves.

The 2-cd set created to complement the book presents 23 spiritual jazz tracks that step you through the different corners of the book. A very tasty selection on both counts!

More on the book at Soul Jazz Records. You can pick both up at one of my favorite stores Dusty Groove.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jazzanova Special

DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today.

Last week we started with Compost Records. This week we turn our focus to Jazzanova, a 6 deep collective of producers and DJs based in Berlin that were a driving force behind JCR (Jazzanova Compost Records), Compost Records, Sonar Kollektiv Records, and have pushed the global future jazz sound to the edge of the envelope for over 10 years and counting.

Beyond their studio albums and 12"s, they have compiled a slew of amazing collections and DJ mixes. Their DJ sets continue to keep them in demand worldwide and the new live band project has breathed new life into some classic Jazzanova compositions.

Respect to Jazzanova and to all of you that have supported these sounds over the years! Dig deeper at

Jazzanova Records Special - DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan

1. Jazzanova - Tres Bien
2. Jazzanova - Fedime's Flight (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
3. Men From The Nile - Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix)
4. United Future Organization - Friends...We'll Be (Jazzanova Remix)
5. Shaun Escoffery - Let It Go (Jazzanova Remix)
6. Nuspirit Helsinki - Honest (Jazzanova's Honestly Yours Remix)
7. Jazzanova - Let Your Heart Be Free (Dub)
8. Masters At Work ft Roy Ayers - Our Time Is Coming (Jazzanova Remix)
9. Jazzanova - Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix)
10. Jazzanova ft. Phonte - So far from home-Verve
11. Jazzanova ft. Ursula Rucker - Keep falling (Forss remix)-JCR
12. Jazzanova - Bohemian sunset-JCR
13. Jazzanova ft. Paul Randolph - Let me show you-Verve
14. Jazzanova ft. Clara Hill - No use (Beanfield remix)-JCR
15. Jazzanova ft. Vikter Duplaix - Soon (Touch of Jazz remix)-JCR
16. Jazzanova - Takes you back-JCR
17. Amp Fiddler - Faith (Jazzanova Remix)
18. Heritage Orchestra - Sky Breaks (Jazzanova Remix)-Brownswood
19. Status IV - You ain't realy down (Jazzanova Remix)-Sonar Kollektiv
20. Jazzanova ft. Shuan Escofferey - Boom clicky boom clack-Sonar Kollektiv
21. Incognito - Get into my groove(Jazzanova remix)-JCR

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Build An Ark - Live at Cargo London

Build An Ark performs "Celebrate" at Cargo in London. This song is from their new album Love-Pt 1. Check out more at Build An Ark's facebook, myspace and Kindred Spirits website.

Dwight Trible, Waberi Jordan, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Phil Ranelin, Carlos Nino, Tracy Wannomae

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Timo Lassy - Round Two

Timo Lassy unleashes his second album as a leader and it's top notch. Check out a nice piece on Mundovibes and more at

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Compost Records Special

FutureHistoryOfHouse and Music Is Everything present the Compost Records Special

DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan end the decade by taking a look back at some of the Labels and Artists that have influenced us, inspired us, and led us to where we are today. We start with Compost, a label that has been the starting point for so many artists, sounds, and styles over the years and has released an amazingly robust catalog of soulful, jazzy, funky beat-driven music. This music is close to our hearts and remains at the forefront of deep and soulful dancefloors worldwide.

Dig deeper at

Compost Records Special - DJ Offbeat & Chris Galvan

1. Joseph Malik - Take It All In And Check it All Out
2. Classen Collective ft Corinna Joseph - New Born (Universal Funk Remix)
3. Truby Trio - Carajillo
4. Minus 8 - Come Along
5. Underwolves - Shaken (Fauna Flash Timbales Remix)
6. Minus 8 - Runaway (Tweak's Dark Soul Version)
7. Christian Prommer's Drum Lesson - Rudiments
8. Beanfield - Tides (Soulpatrol Remix)
9. Trio Truby - Alegre 2004 ft Marcia Montez (louie Vega's Elements Of Life Main Mix)
10. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse
11. Kyoto Jazz Massive ft. Vanessa Freeman - Brighness of These Days
12. Salvador Group - Moksa
13. Koop - Soul for Sahib
14. Minus 8 - The Beach
15. Intuit - Supersemft Baby
16. Jazzanova - Another New Day(Moonstarr Remix)
17. Joseph Malik - Diablo
18. Beanfield ft. Bajka - Tides
19. Steppah Huntah - Walk This Step(Seiji's Black Forest Gateaux)
20. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Substream
21. Intuit - Planet Birth(Truby Trio Treatment)
22. Truby Trio ft. Wunmi - Make a Move(SUMO Rebounce)
23. Koop ft. Yukimi Nagano - Summer Sun(Markus Enochson Remix)

Stayed tuned for the Jazzanova Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse and Music Is Everything!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

DJ Offbeat - JCR Jazz Set

DJ Offbeat presents a heavy jazz selection culled from the catalog of JCR - Jazzanova Compost Records. Dig deeper at

DJ Offbeat - JCR Jazz Set
1. Jerzy Milan - Wsrod Pampasow
2. Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet - Fair Lola
3. Manfred Ludwig Sextett - Zwielicht
4. Fritz Pauer Trio - Red Roof
5. Volkmar Schmidt Combo - Episode
6. Hans Koller Ensemble - Casa Loma
7. Joe Haider & His Orchestra - Hymnus For Che

Stayed tuned for the Compost Records Special presented by FutureHistoryOfHouse and Music Is Everything!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #125 DJ Offbeat & Nomade

Cheers family, I hope you are having a great week! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. Eat, sleep, and enjoy yourself!

This week we have a special edition. SOUL FUNKTION Radio meets Nomade Radio. In the lead up to the Fela Lives party a few weeks ago, our friend in Montreal asked us for a 30 minute set of afro heaters and I was more than happy to do so. Nomade provided a 30 minute set of his own and put the whole program together. This originally aired on Choq FM in Montreal on Saturday.
Check out Nomade every week at

Enjoy the show and take care!

1. Anto Vitale and Tamara Wellons - Out Of This World (Jose Carretas remix)
2. Sabu Martinez - I Remember Carmen
3. Gato Viola - Backstabbin Angie For a Ten Bag Dub
4. The Louie Gee Ensemble - Scrabble
5. Boy Scouts - Quest
6. PPP - On a cloud (babaliah remix)
7. Tito Puente - Hit The Bongo
8. The Mercury Dance band - Kai wawa
9. Dan Electro - Look around

1. Tropical Treats - Waarewaah
2. Kokolo ft Jojo Kuo - Afrika Man
3. Fela Kuti - Fela Shuffa (Beatsy Collins Re-Edit)
4. Antibalas - Big Man
5. Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go
6. Fela Kuti - Fefe Na Efe (White Label edit)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Up & Up - A Soul Music Getdown with DJ LG & DJ Offbeat

1. Roy Ayers - Running Away
2. Stevie Wonder - Do I Do (jojo flores Therapy edit)
3. Funkadelic - Knee Deep
4. El Coco - Let's Get It Together
5. Patchworks Ginger Express - Brothers On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)
6. Men From The Nile ft Peven Everett - Watch Them Come
7. Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle
8. George Benson - Love x Love
9. Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke - Hold On To Me (Louis Benedetti Extended Mix)
10. Erro - Change For Me (Joey Negro Remix)
11. Cheryl Lynn - Shake It Up Tonight
12. The Evasion - Wikka Wrap

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tito Rodriguez - Mama Guela

Be sure to check out Tito Rodriguez's new album "A Man And His Music" on Fania Records.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gil Scott-Heron - Where Did The Night Go

Video for new Gil Scott-Heron piece named "Where Did The Night Go". Album soon come, but click here to download this track to hold you over.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Domu Stand Tall

Yesterday, we received some disappointing news. Domu (aka Umod, Bakura, Rima, Yokoto, Sonar Circle, Zoltar, etc) has called it a day. Domu has delivered us so many incredible records over the past 10 years that it is absolutely staggering to think about. He has always been at the forefront, pushing the beats and sounds to the edge and beyond.

An impromptu tribute session this morning yielded 11 of my personal favorites.

Domu, you inspired us and have blessed us with so much happiness through music. We are deeply grateful. Massive respect. Stand tall!

1. Dom Um Romao - Blue Bossa (Sonar Circle Remix)
2. Bakura - Lately
3. Simon Grey - The Galactic Suite (Domu Remix)
4. Rima - O Vento Dira
5. Bakura - Empty Faces (LP Mix)
6. Bakura - Reach The Sky
7. Domu - Taking Flight
8. Mark De Clive-Lowe - Traveling (Domu Remix)
9. Bakura - Thinking About (Domu Mix)
10. Aurora - Fly From East (Kyoto Jazz Remix ft Vanessa Freeman - Domu Beats)
11. Domu - Neradu

DJ Offbeat - Brasil Selection October 2009

1. Friends From Rio - Escravos Do Jo (Da Lata Remix)
2. Dublex Inc - Izquitos
3. Cuica - Cuidado (Samba Mix)
4. Arsenal - A Volta
5. Club Brazilian Airlines - A Flauta
6. Sabrina Malheiros - Estacao Verao (Kenny Dope Remix)
7. Mr Hermano - Uno Mas Tiempo (DiSisco Remix)
8. Jazzanova - Fedime's Flight
9. Truby Trio - Allegre 2004 ft Marcia Montez (Louie Vega's Elements Of Live Main Mix)
10. Mondo Grosso - Tree, Air, and Rain on the Earth

Friday, November 13, 2009

IG Culture Zen Badizm Workshop

IG Culture doing the live thing at Jazz A Vienne Festival this summer with Kaidi Tatham on keys.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #123 Chris Galvan

Greetings friends, I hope you are well this week!
Thanks for tuning in for another edition of the SOUL FUNKTION Radio show and big ups for all the extra ears this week. Welcome to all the new listeners and much love to those of you who tune in each week.
This week we welcome back our friend from Music Is Everything, Chris Galvan. He takes us on a deep journey through his crates. We are always blessed to hear another perspective and Chris always brings the finest tunes in line with what we work to put in your ears each and every week.

Be sure to check out more from Chris Galvan at

Ursula Rucker - Libation - K&
M'Selem and Wunmi - A.L.A. - KIF
Zap Mama - Crazy Life - Shelter
S Tone Inc - La Boca del Rio (Cuica remix) - Schema
Kentphonik - Sunday Showers - Stalwart
Femi Kuti - Traitors of Africa - Shelter
Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra - Rej - Sonar Kollektiv
Tom and Joyce ft. Tony Allen - Antigua (Bob Sinclar Mix) - Yellow
Bongo Maffin - Mari Ye Phepha (Dennis Ferrer Jo'Burg Mix) - House Afrika
Jazztronik - Froro - Pantone
Vikter Duplaix - What We Want - Hollywood
Da Lata - Serious - Palm Beats
Blaze - Season of Love(early morning mix) - Nite Grooves
Bolla Featuring Jephte Guillaume - Soil (dub) - Sacred Rhythm Music

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SOUL FUNKTION Radio #122 DJ Offbeat

Cheers family, I hope you're well!
Many thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated Fela with us in Harlem this weekend. We had a great time and made some new friends, what more can you ask for? We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future!

With the afrobeat still pulsing through our veins, DJ Offbeat lays down the afro grooves on this week's SOUL FUNKTION Radio show. A few new 45s as well as some classic jams provide the soundtrack to an hour that always seems to pass too quickly.

We hope you enjoy! Be well and have a great week!

1. Tropical Treats - Waarewaah
2. Kokolo ft Jojo Kuo - Afrika Man (Diesler Remix)
3. Fela Kuti - Shuffa (Beatsy Collins Re-Edit)
4. Sister Pearl - Bang the Drum (Manoo Remix)
5. Glenn Underground - Indians and Bagpipes
6. Dele Sosimi - Wahala Identity Mix (Sosue Soulkpmplex Main Mix)
7. Osunlade - Cantos A Ochun Et Oya
8. Spikiri - Spiyanko (SOUL FUNKTION edit)
9. Raw Artistic Soul - Kana ft Sharkie (Main Mix)
10. Sin Palabras - Yemaya (John Beltran Mix)